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Why is he leaving his space!? Glenn graciously opened his beautiful home for his farewell party (and a “surprise” birthday). Many turned out to enjoy another wonderful host and friend. The party was pretty impromptu, which goes to show, if you have the space and desire to host an event, CANS will be there. Members hosting will also receive up to 30% in reimbursement of what that event brings in. And as always, our events would be nothing without our members. Hope to see many more new faces this year.

Greg’s party! Need we say more! Always pleasantly hosted from our very own Greg Wilkerson! Cheers!

Who knew we could center an event around being in a living room. Well, we did and with many CANS members showing, it was a great turnout. The location was discovered by one of our members and rented out for the evening at a wonderful price. CANS has found a new home for hosting events. If any member has an idea and needed a place to host, this would be the place to look into. If anyone would like to host an event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either our President, Program Coordinator and Committee, or Secretary/Treasurer! Thank you again to all members who brought edibles and beverage to share.

This marked the second year CANS has hosted a tropical beach party, and as true to form as last year, it was a wonderful success. I’m certain there were even seagulls and crashing waves to be heard! Appreciations to our past President, Ken M for hosting the event; the place was wonderfully decorated. A second thanks of appreciation to all our members for attending and bringing any edibles to share; the night would not be what it was if it wasn’t for you. The party also had its fair share of winners as 3 prizes were raffled off. Maybe next year the prizes would be won via contests. ;-)

This years annual meeting was met with a surprise or two. CANS would like to congratulate our two new executive members, Justin Hardesty replacing Ken Muehlfelt as President and Tony Fuscone replacing Jim Kelly as Program Coordinator. We’re wishing them success in taking up the first term in their new roles! We’d also like to thank the ManKind Project for renting out their space for us and everyone for attending. There was plenty of food and beverages to go around and that’s owed to our members. An invitation was also expressed for a potential bonfire event once the weather turns. The night also had it’s fair share of dancing with music provided by Ken M. A special congrats to Frank for winning the best dressed Valentine!

The new year came in with a bang at Greg's New Year party! It had a wonderful turnout despite the party being rescheduled after New Year's Eve. Many brave souls ventured to the Southside of the city and realized it's not all doom and gloom! Thank you Greg for opening your home to CANS and we look forward to many more gatherings to come. Congratulations to Dale who won the $50 gift card to Macy's.

Another great turn out gathered at Jim and Bruce's Holiday Social. The two graciously hosted and provided a spread for all who attended. For those who were unable to make it, let's hope next year you'd be able to share in their warm hospitality. As the new year approaches, may there be many more fellowship and gatherings to share with fellow CANS members. Thanks again Jim and Bruce. Congratulations, as well, to Peter and Gary for winning $50 gift cards for

Early December, Chicago Area Naturist Sons held its longest running event; Naked Bowling. The event brought in a health number of bowlers and spectators, and it was great to see all who attended. Though this event did not have its usual wacky bowling, the next one will be sure to end things with a hoot! Congratulations to Norris and Glenn-Paul for winning a total of $50 a piece in gifts cards for Fandango! Thanks again to Timber Lanes for hosting the event.

We may have to go back into our event archives, but this November's event may have been CANS first electric gathering/social. Sir Electric Steve hosted and presented his Electro 101 class. He has done multiple presentation, including at CLAW 2016 and is sought after for his expertise. Thank you Sir Electric Steve for you time, knowledge and hosting. Hopefully there will be more classes in the future. Thank you, as well, for the members who attended! Our lucky member, Mark, also walked away with his own digital massager.

October had CANS members dressed from the waist up with this year's MaskQUEERade Party. Thank you Dave for opening your home again. The food and company were wonderful as usual. Many of the masks looked great, but it was Shodhin who walked away with the best mask of the night and a gift card to Maggiano's. Honorable mention goes to Gary and Glenn. A $50 gift card for Target was raffled and won by Tom.

This month's gathering was hosted by Craig and Adolfo. Thank you guys! The boys came out to party in code with some really great toga wear. As usual, the wine selection was plenty, with some vodka on the side. Later that night, a runway walk for the best toga outfit was won by Just Jerry adorning lovely cock bling, and Jamie Gee straight from the streets of Rome! A $50 gift certificate to Olive Garden and a bottle of wine from Sheafer's was raffled and won by Mike K.

CANS hosted this month's gathering at Jackhammer, near Clark and Devon. Much love and thanks to Darcy for putting together a fabulous table of hors d’oeuvres! The event filled out in the last few hours before it started, turning out first-time members and vets. At the cash bar Darcy, again, offered CANS his time and services. The clothes check was also much appreciated. Halfway through the event, a free raffle was held for a $30 gift certificate to Hamburger Mary’s, won by Patrick K. Congrats Patrick and enjoy your meal at Mary’s!

Over a dozen CANS members guessed correctly that this past Saturday the weather would improve in the afternoon! The sun came out, the water was calm, and the beach was clean and uncrowded. For one attendee this was his first CANS event. We enjoyed getting better acquainted as the conversation flowed and the food was shared at Kathy Osterman (AKA Hollywood) Beach. Nearby the Chicago Gay Ruby team and the local Amazon gay employee group also had gatherings. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves! We’ll schedule another gathering before the summer ends!

Geiman and Vargas once again hosted an evening of booze and socializing. Last year, we found the two providing fun fall drinks; Rim-Me-Not (vodka, jalapeño and cucumber), Sex ’n’ The Tropics (Tangerine Rum, Malibu Rum and cran-mango juice) and an Autumn Weenie Warmer (bourbon, raspberry jam, Triple sec and raspberry liqueur), and two kinds of shots, Cock-Sucking Cowboy (butterscotch schnapps and Baileys Irish Cream) and Cumshots (RumChata and Fireball). This year the two offered a quieter selection of beverages; Costal Skies, Fuzzy Navel and Quick-Fuck.


As with last year, there was no shortage in the hospitality of CANS members providing snacks, finger foods and additional beverages for the sharing. The event had a great turnout and the night was as lively as ever. Let’s see if those guys have a thing or two planned soon.

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