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A Letter from the President

Hello Men,

We now have 1150 and on this occasion, I thought it would be a great time to reach out and share a bit about our group and our upcoming events. Since we moved to Meetup in May of 2015 we have hosted 59 events ranging from discussion groups to pool parties. We also have grown from about 450 members on the email list to well over 1000 members. To those that haven't been to an event yet, we hope to see you soon. We have set up some events that would be great first time events.

Our event this month celebrating the first official Fall is currently full.

But, our Saturday, October 13th event can hold up to 70 people. We will be having a Private Theater Buyout of the Neofuturists at Foster and Ashland in the heart of Andersonville. They will be performing a curated, more naked version of their late night phenomenon The Infinite Wrench. This is a fast-paced attempt to perform 30 self-written, true to their life plays, for you, in the exact order that you request them.  We the audience will be fully nude (bring your towel) and the performers may be nude during specific plays that call for it. A cool fact about the Neofuturists is that they have been around as long as we have! This is a Co-Hosted event so that we can fill the theater. We are teaming up with Chicago Fun Club, meaning this is a Co-Ed event. We will be having a social at the theater afterward.

We also have Naked Bowling coming up again in December. This is one of our most popular events that ALWAYS sells out fast. We will return to our favorite bowling alley for 2 games of regular bowling and ending with a game of wacky bowl. We will for sure have some prizes for random reasons!

Also in December, we are anticipating having our annual Holiday party with a great White Elephant gift exchange. Thus meaning you should start looking for an item you no longer want NOW.

Of course, there are events we haven't even posted about, so stay tuned in to our meetup page and your email so you can be the first to know what is coming up.

As we have grown it is always good to remind everyone of some of the fundamentals of our group. We celebrate the opportunity to be naked in a non-sexual friendly environment. We expect our members to bring a towel to sit on to every event and if you can invite a friend!

I have been in this group since 2006 and am excited about the future of CANS. This past year alone we have had our first Art Gallery and we look forward to doing it again! We have met so many new members and can't wait to continue growing and meeting so many of our new members and members who have been around for 29 years.  We have revived Naked Bowling and our Bar Parties. We could not have done that without you. You, the members are what make our group great. I also have to give a shout out to my Executive committee. Tony F. our social coordinator who gets all the events posted to you as fast as he can. Also to Kevin W. our Secretary/Treasurer who makes sure to keep us in line financially and on topic during our meetings. Also to our Planning Committee, last but definitely not least, Jim K., Michael V., Norris T, Shodhin G. who are constantly bringing fresh and new ideas for us to work and toward making happen.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our events very soon.

Justin Hardesty

CANS President

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