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Guide for Hosting

   Guide for Hosting a CANS Event   

CANS encourages members to host social gatherings of any size, and the CANS social committee is here to help you make it easy!

1. Decide

a) How many people you feel comfortable having in your home (whether it’s 5 or 50!).
In your count include yourself and one CANS representative).

b) Whether you want a theme for the event (potluck, game night, etc.) or simply a social.

c) What date and time frame works for you.

d) What restrictions you might have (for example, if you prefer an alcohol-free event).

e) Send a message expressing your interest in hosting to any of the CANS Organizers (listed on the left-hand side of the CANS Meetup home page.

A CANS Organizer


Provide you with his contact information. He will be your guide through the process.

a) Review with you what you’ve decided.

b) Determine what you, as the host, will provide (snacks, mixers, plates, utensils, etc.)
See cost reimbursement policy below.

c) Determine what members will bring (food to share, their own beverages, etc.)
CANS prefers BYOB if you are OK with alcohol in your home.

Publicizing the Event


a) A CANS coordinator will create the event announcement on the Meetup page.

b) You will be listed as an event host. On the Meetup page, you will be able to view who has RSVP’d for your event.

c) RSVPs will be restricted to the number of attendees you’ve indicated.

d) Once the maximum number of guests has been reached additional RSVPs will be wait listed.

At The Event
Reimbursement Policy


a) We will make every effort to ensure that one of the CANS organizers (or a trusted representative) will attend your event.

b) The CANS representative will have the RSPV list and check members.


CANS functions hosted by a member should place a minimal financial burden on the host(s) and on the club treasury.

If providing refreshments, the host will be reimbursed for those expenses, not to exceed 40% of the total amount of paid reservations for the event. After an event, the host will request reimbursement by submitting receipts to the CANS Treasurer or another person appointed by the Executive Committee. CANS retains any remaining funds after the reimbursement. 

Prior to the event, the host may submit for consideration by the CANS Executive Committee a request for a different reimbursement arrangement.

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